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HeavenIsGolden919 - I'd like to restrain you in my lap until you soak both of us.

Man who likes wetting himself, panty peeing, giving golden showers, receiving golden showers, outdoor pissing, peeing in naughty places,
43 year old, mixed race, straight male, from Washington, DC, United States, North America
Height: 6'0" - 6'3" (181-190cm) Body Type: Average
Looking for a female
Sex interests: watersports,role play,other
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I discovered my affinity for watersports quite unexpectedly when one day I stumbled upon some porn with UK women passionately pissing in each others' mouths. My initial feeling of shock was very quickly displaced by an arousal that I hadn't felt since I first found my first VHS porn tape and discovered how to cum.
About a year later, I was sitting in the shallow end of a neighborhood pool with a small group of good friends hanging out and telling stories. One of the girls was sitting on my leg just beneath the water because there wasn't any more room on the steps in the shallows.  She was normally very talkative, but has been quiet for several minutes.  Just as I started to notice that she hadn't been talking much, I felt a stream of warmth spreading where her bikini bottom made contact with my leg.  It took me just a split second to realize that she was peeing on me, and when she saw me notice and react to it, she burst out laughing.  But even though she meant it as a practical joke, there was no way she could have predicted how turned on that made me. She later apologized for the "joke" and said she was impressed that I didn't toss her off my leg.  But I didn't tell her that at that moment I had been trying to conceal a raging erection.  I sat there for quite some time trying not to think about it, but without much success. One of my friends thought I was upset because I would periodically get quiet and disengage from conversation.  But I was really just very turned on thinking about everything that had just happened.  This cute and funny girl had peed on my leg, deliberately.  And even though she probably didn't mean anything sexual by it, I still to this day get turned on thinking about it.
Finally, a few years ago I was dating a girl I had known for several years before we started getting intimate.  We would hook up sporadically, and we always remained friends. During a conversation about sex, she mentioned that she likes having sex with a full bladder. As she was telling me this, I started fantasizing about her riding me with her bladder as full as she could manage and then just releasing all of her ****after we finished but while she was still straddling me. I was trying to figure out a way to suggest some experiementation when around that time I had to relocate across the country for work.  We never had the chance to talk about it again, and I never brought it up.
And this brings me to the present.  How on earth does someone initiate that kind of thing?  Needless to say, as everyone on here is presumed to have at least a passing curiosity about erotic pissing, I am hoping to make some friends and share some thoughts and experiences through this forum.  If it leads to something practical, then all the better! But I intend to manage my expectations.
If you're still reading, thank you for bearing with me!  Send me a message and introduce yourself, and I will gladly respond.
Other interests: watching TV,reading,surfing the Internet,cinema,art,music,walking,swimming,sport,food & drink,dancing,clubbing,science,technology,cars,motorcycles,beaching and sunbathing
Favorite music: Soundgarden, Aviici, Chopin, Jimi Hendrix, Axwell, Chris Cornell, Adele, Mozart, Amy Winehouse, Gereth Emery, The Roots, Beethoven, Calvin Harris, Modjo, Daft Punk, deadmau5, and a shit load of others.
Favorite films: Goodfellas, Shawshank Redemption, Amadeus, Swingers, Idiocracy, Finding Forrester, Gattaca, Immortal Beloved, That Thing You Do!, Zombieland, The Empire Strikes Back, Casino, Star Trek (2009), Hi Fidelity, Aliens, Casino Royale, There Will Be Blood, True Romance, Dogma, Good Will Hunting, Office Space, Gladiator, The Big Lebowski
Favorite books: The Great Gatsby, Dune (series), Powder, The Dictionary, The Thesaurus, Game of Thrones (series), Lord of the Rings
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