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Carol - Angel Face

31 year old, asian, straight female, from Dallas, Texas, United States, North America
Height: 5'4" - 5'7" (161-170cm) Body Type: Average
Looking for a male
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i believe that every situation has a hidden truth that has not been discovered yet. if there wasn't, what would make life interesting? i don't like when people lie to me. courage and honesty are important to me. I think that if people tell me that i can't do something that they usually are unhappy with how they have conducted thier lives and wish that they would have done something different. i don't know, you tell me...i always look for a lot of truth in everything. i believe that everything on earth has something about it that is genuinely honest. i value the complexity of everything simple. to me, the world is my canvas, and it is my job to colour the world around me according to my desires. i also believe that complete satisfaction is non existant because if you are satisfied you have nothing else to aspire to. you have basically said that you are done living and you don't want to further yourself antmore. just keep trukin'! overall, i just want everything that breathes to find thier place in society so that the rest of us can live in complete harmony and always better ourselves as we go.
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